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Story for Rainy Days Vol.2 – Naela Ali


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Ga paham sih apakah menulis isi sebuah buku itu dinamai penjiplakan atau bukan. Tapi mau aku tulis aja, ada bagian yang bagus di salah satu buku favorit aku : Story for rainy days Vol. 2 yang harus banget kalian baca! Gini isinya :

“This year has been the year of learning. I Learned to bring out the best of me.

I learned that sometimes what you want isn’t always what you need.

I learned that to love is to be brave.

I learned to fix things so I could be better.

I learned that it is okay to let go of people who hurt me and I deserve better.

I learned that sometimes through the bad of times we will understand the beauty of life.

I learned that when the universe says that it is time, it is time.

I learned that true love will come in the end as…

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