Movie lesson learnt

Ready Player One and Alquran Testament





We didn’t plan for the movie but things that we don’t plan always turn out good, right?

I became sooo excited when I figured out about what the theme of the movie was: virtual reality! Ready Player One is a science fiction film set in 2045, leaped to the future ahead where people engaged their daily life virtually through the VR goggles. It is when people could sacrifices all their assets to win, to achieve something in the OASIS, the second life where they hope they can be someone else. The message stunned: Accept The Reality. Getting drowned in the avatar identity, it is so easy for us in loving the another life we could create, make us easily forget the precious people and life in our real daily life. This film also communicate better with the game geek. Somehow I understand why they are tied to the games just like their life are there.

Like previous movies of the same theme, obvious Virtual Reality message can be seen in The Matrix. And other movies that I don’t watch which i which I could spend sometime, dwelling in the story plot.

You know, I get so passionate about virtual reality ever since. If we are in the same thought, we can talk about it long and long enough. I would be very thankful to meet someone to talk to about this. For those who are so new, it is actually a simulation or a stimulated reality to our senses, and finally, making our brain believe.

Through the technology of virtual reality, first, we can build our dream in the second world at instant speed. We can train our imagination and prayers. Just then, I can ensure you will be shock by how you have been limiting our doa (prayers) power. Make your dream lists, visualise your mighty comfortable luxury house and super happy family. I believe that most of the people will struggle about it. That is the one indicator that you are actually limiting yourselves.

Create your own movie dreams. Play them repeatedly. The interesting part: watch them coming.

Second, virtual reality is in fact, about this dunya. This world is only virtual reality which is actually projected. You can read about Harun Yahya’s explanation about this. I wish I could elaborate it more but he already describe it so beautiful that I hope that you can invest your time reading them.

  1. Harsh Realms by Harun Yahya
  2. The Matrix by Harun Yahya
  3. Matter: The other name for Illusion by Harun Yahya
  4. this malay blogpost 
  5. this one also

It is about our perception, senses and brain.

Just like the Quran confirmed,

”  We did not create heaven and earth and everything in between them as a game. If We had desired to have some amusement, We could have found it in Our presence, if We would do (such a thing)! – (Surat al-Anbiya: 16-17).

why Allah make it as a game?

We made everything on the earth adornment for it so that we could test them to see whose actions are the best.”- (Surat al-Kahf: 7)

If you could dwell yourself with all the given links, I pray that Allah Al-Alim also blesses along the knowledge to understand the message potrayed through the articles. Because with it, we will see the world from the another lens already.

May all the deeds we are doing in this world, are all for the another world! Amin.

Shine bright- Ainin.

Personal Notes

5 priorities in achieving your dreams

Assalamualaikum everyone.

Looks like I keep on updating and posting the same video since last year because I don’t record any new sharing after that.

But things that made me feel so touched is one of my friend realised it  too!. She was once dm me and said the same thing.

Well, it’s actually feel hard to record yourself and shielding from the unwanted thoughts that maybe people don’t benefit at all.

But but but, I hope with the still early new year mode, I can renew my intention in saving my sharing in the video journals from time to time, continuing the last year’s videos.

But, first.

Let’s discuss this pearls from Robin Sharma.

I tend to share it repeatedly in order for you to sense my efforts of saying,’ this is very very and so so important!’

I hope you can hear me as well 😛

Through this sharing, I pinpoint on the greatest necessary of goals setting.

Actually, I refrained myself from lots of things during my degree study years. Once I get married, I have my husband’s greenlight on almost everything that made me want to do also almost everything.

Yes, I did.

And it made me quite distracted.

Until I found Robin Sharma’s article about the yearly 5 in 2016.

His intense points about focus is showed in this magically method of setting goals.

Sounds simple, but it’s hard when you have many things to do. Alas, you have just to give up doing things in multi-task. Yes.


You have to set your highest 5 priorities.






From each of the priority, then you gotta identify 10 steps of how to achieve it.

Then, define your monthly 5 from the top of the priorities as well as the steps. So, your all 12 months will bring you closer to your priorities and dreams.

Me, as the one that get really close to my planner, I usually further narrow down the monthly 5 into the weeks and days. Many people/ excuses/ but do nothing

Talk is cheap. Prove them wrong by making sure that all of your important priorities get their slot in your life.

What I get from this practice is firstly the clarity of mind and life. I get clear what actually that are really important to me. We may want to achieve everything and do everything but what are the most important things that are much significant and valuable to you? That make you happy.

Let’s make happiness and joy as our indicator. We only have our precious and limited time for us to invest only the best things of ours. Define your priority. Get clear of what brings joy to you. Of what matters most to you.



Shine bright,