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Wedding invitation


#azlanshima done. ✔️
#zulfirdausnabila done✔️

Last two weeks wedding, baru nak wish 😂
Dont stop loving each other koranggg and have a happy happy and blessed married life!

Aininsyeme minta maaf tadapat nak penuhi semua undangan. Siyes ah rasa nak nanges pun ada sebab tak dapat attend wedding sahabat sahabat yang all everyone closest to the heart😭
Sincerest apology. Honestly.
Paling sedih tadapat nak attend wedding adik usrah Nada Osman penang sanaa. Ramai lagi sarah, kakdilaaa, cerahh ohmai forgive us everyone yaa. 😭

Doa from afar, we promised that we prayed for all ,the blessed day, blessed wedding!

Marriage rule no 1: Allah’s number one.
Marriage rule no 2: serve the king when he’s around, serve the King when he’s not around.
Marriage rule no 3: nobody’s perfect. We complete each others 😘

Thank you for inviting everyone!
Terima kasih hantar kad personal personal, trust me on advices hahaha

Be married or not, i’m here to listen okayyy ainin’s dearies 😊❤️
we do pray for all the cute bubbly bride and groom dilimpahkan keberkahan dan ketenangan in every day for every story written.

bila balik kelantan, ofkoslah tak lupaaa bawak balik travel kit supplement kiteeee 😁


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