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Tulang, kalsium dan Ostematrix


Pepagi dapat mesej,

Akak, saya nak tanya pasal ostematrix. Saya memang tak minum susu dan saya memang makan ostematrix. Saya umur 18 tahun.

Hurm akak 18 tahun, susu tak amalkan hari- hari. ostematrix tak makan 😭

kadang kadang,kita pun boleh jadi terinpirasi dengan orang yang bertanya.

Ada orang tu pulak,
Dia borong stok Ostematrix siap siap untuk setahun sebab mak dia suruh 😂

Biasalah mak dia dah makan asam garam dulu.
Time mak dia pregnant dulu, hilang few teeth sebab tak cukup kalsium. Berebut dengan baby 😱😱

Bercakap mengenai kalsium,

Kalsium bukan makanan tulang.
Tapi kalsium disimpan di dalam tulang.

Bone acts as storage of minerals.
Bukan kalsium saja, tapi phosphate dan sebagainya.
Jadinya tulang padat.

Kalau mineral kurang?
Tulang tadapat nak simpan banyak.
Jadinya tulang jadi poros. Fragile.

Kalau tiang rumah kita fragile dan bergoyang goyang seram tak?

Tulang kan tiang kepada badan.
We’re protein creatures, dipasakkan dengan tulang.

Risau juga 😢

Sebab bahayanya osteoporosis, dia tade simptoms.
Cuma, kalau sakit sakit badan dan lenguh lenguh badan, dah jadi antara tanda calcium homeostasis tarik kalsium dari tulang😥

Tak ramai tahu, ladies stop from absorbing calcium maximally around umur 30 tahun. Means untuk padat-padatkan tulang tu. Which is dipanggil peak bone mass.

Lepas daripada umur tu, bone STOP absorbing calcium maximally 😥 Teenage dan adult of early 20-s, rajin rajinlah amek calcium😭 lepas tu dah terlambat dah nak bagi makanan dekat tulang.

So kalau macamtu, tak gunalah amek calsium kalau terlambat?

Lagilah kena amek😭 sebab tulang kita fragile tak kuat, kita tak menabung kalsium dolu dolu. Tak amek ostematrix dulu dulu 😭

Ainin attach infographic dekat bahagian sini ❤️

Ainin amek chance share pasal pentingnya kalsium, amek peluang promo ostematrix tinggal seminggu lagi hurmmmm


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Umur kronologi, umur biologi

“A younger brain is a better brain”
-Dr Rizal Abu Bakar

Kita boleh ada a younger brain, irregard the age.
Means kita boleh ada otak yang muda walaupun usia badan kita dah berusia.

Begitu juga badan.
Kita boleh ada badan yang muda, irregard kita punya umur chronogical.

Sebab umur memang ada dua.
Chronological age dan biological age.

Mari kita aim untuk ada biological age yang muda, walaupun chronological age kita sudahpun berusia.

Melalui gaya hidup sihat, pemakanan, gaya pemikiran dan sebagainya.

Bak kata sahabat Aina Aziz
Empat tahun lagi ke umur 30 tahun 😂


Review Reclaim Your Heart by Ainin Sofia

English version.
Review Pertama
Author: Yasmin Mogahed
Book: Reclaim your Heart
For the first task we have been given, it was to pick your bestfriend’s book. Madhiah Ghazali, stated she had a few favourite books. It had been easy for her to state the ‘Reclaim your Heart’ book last January. Interestingly, this book was made to be in her syllabus conducted in her weekly usrah. Marvellous reminder, indeed. She told me that the author made the tiny little things that we take for granted looks really valuable, so priceless. If most of the self help books were glued with full of theories, the author took them into practical, she showed the way.

First thing first, I should be grateful to have a nice book to read, to be selected by her which I could enjoy it myself, through the reading journey. It is a self help book, but not a book that you can lightly just flip it on. It was proven by its relevancy and many people read it globally and internationally although it was published years ago, in 2011. You could see how they excitedly react towards this book through the book reviews website, such as Goodreads.
The book is segmented with various parts. They are Attachments, Love, Hardships, Relationship with Creator, Women’s status, Ummah and Poetry. The author explained these very differently.

The world today was full of attachment and is very fragile. Been made more fragile with the illusion of social media, medias and all those shown on screen. People tend to trust everything edited to be true and feel something lacking in them. They try to achieve the false outer acknowledgement, forgetting the ultimate inner goals of Allah.

Attachment parts, the author discussed how hearts were so attached with the worldly life, with the individuals existed in our life, with our beloved belongings, careers and so much more. We seemed to depend on all stuff. We worshiped things and objects. We became consumed by them, believing that they indicated the life status, gave us happiness and make us whole. Because of His Love, Allah tested us like how the parents take the video game who’s a kid has been hypnotized with, just to make him realized that the video game was just a virtual world. He had a real world. The video game had consumed him, harmful if he let it be, beneficial if he could manage it. The dunya was just similar. We had our real world soon, the hereafter. People came and go. So did the things and stuff. Nothing was eternal.

In the Love section, she explained more on marriage tales and how marriage could be treated rightly. The gift from Allah, meant to be the life partner and the marriage itself, should be brings us closer to God, not the other way round. A union of both partners should be made to seek God much easier because half of our Deen has been completed. Marriage is the means, God is the ultimate Goals. God is the priority in our Heart, not our life partner, they are just means for us to bring us closer to Allah. They should be held in the hands, not heart because the heart is the only place for Allah. If we allowed the ocean of dunya, including our life partner into the heart, yes, we would be drowned, our hearts and life might be shackled. We would be enslaved. Furthermore, she elaborated on the pure and true love and pleasure, comparing the false love, felt by the unmarried coupled which was wrongly advertised by the medias. All in all, love by the human and individuals, all are Allah’s gift and the reflection of His Love and beauty. She pinpointed us to fall in love with the Real Love, The Eternal.

Hardships section reminded us the love of Allah through all the tests. The tests were all of His calling’s sign in leading us to make the U-turn. It was all because of His love. The author likes the analogy of being alone in the ocean and having no one to turn to, except Allah because the moment was very powerful. Indeed, we really did not have any assistance in this world, no one could help us, except Allah. In daily life, Allah shuts the entire door, to make us directed the only way to the Divide Help. Similar situations when we felt the pain and loss, disappointment which did hurts us might lead us to the path of God. “The perceived misfortunes are in fact wake up calls” that we rarely see and realized for the moment.

The Relationship with Creator part was my second favourite part after the Attachment section. In this part, the salah topic was discussed so beautifully. The salah we took for granted, she made me appreciated and embraced the salah moments. It was a slap to a statement that salah would be the first thing we would be questioned on the hereafter day but did our lives reflect the priority? During the Isra’ Mikraj, the Prophet was initially given the commandment to pray for 50 times daily, in showing that how important the prayers should hold our life. Imagine praying for fifty times in 24 hours. How many prayer would you perform in one hour? We would not do anything except praying, portraying how our life should revolves around salah. Yes, Allah had made it easier, five time prayers with the reward of fifty but I grieved of how our people take salah so lightly today. Besides, sacred conversation with Allah which was tahajjud and the hidden danger of Facebook and other social medias also being elaborated. Social medias strengthen our focus on people, our loves to be seen and the illusion of the world. They are also powerful tools for the goodness but just be aware that we are not being enslaved by the social medias, sacrificing our freedom.

The Women’s status, Ummah and Poetry did discuss how women had their own respected status although the women’s job were different with the men while Ummah part mentioned the global issues on Muslims. You would love the poetry section also because personally I am fond of them by the message of love to Allah as well as to the Real World, the hereafter.
Last but not least, please be aware in watching and guiding our heart. Do not let the world break us by filling the heart with the right priority, Allah.

Protect Your Morning Routine

Ainin suka mengkaji.
Motivator Barat selalu bagi tips, protect your morning routine.
Rasullallah, melalui hadis- hadis baginda, pun banyak berpesan dengan amalan- amalan zikir pada waktu pagi.
It reflects, of how morning and our routines, are so important, dalam membentuk kehidupan.
Protect your mood, protect your morning.
They do matter 😊
Selamat hari Isnin
Dan selamat pagi 😘

Teh tarik susu bukan susu

Ainin ingat lagi,
Time lecture Biochem masa degree dulu,
Dr Ros ada remind,

Jangan tertukar dan jangan fefeeling kita minum susu kalau kita minum teh tarik susu ke nescafe susu ke dekat cafe tu.

Sebab dia guna condensed milk.
Condensed milk bukan milk.
It’s sugar 😂

Tahu kan yang mana satu condensed milk?
Dr Ros remind,
Condensed milk is madeup of mostly sugar. Nothing’s milk.

Jangan fefeeling badan kita amek kalsium pulak kalau kita minum teh tarik susu 😂

Penting sangat ke kalsium?
Hatta kita bergerak pun perlukan kalsium dan vitamin D.

Boleh je tanak amek ostematrix,
Nih, amek sumber kalsium from sayur attached below 😊

Makan ke tak makan?
Hashtag muhasabah nutrisi. 😕


Tiada Masa? Perlahankan Masa.

Assalamualaikum semua.

Harini Ainin belajar untuk merekod semua gambar dan semua penulisan yang Ainin suka dan learnt something from it. So that, others can learn them as well.

Artikel ni diemelkan pada Ainin, kredit untuk Ihsan.

Oleh sebab dalam buku Ainin, Ainin bercerita agak panjang mengenai masa dan I’ve my deep passion about the mystery of time, I cannot resist to share this article.



Blessed Salaams Dear Ainin,

May this message find you empowered, at peace, whole and healthy, and your heart awakened to the light and love of the Divine Presence of Allah Almighty.

We as human beings are finding ourselves increasingly running and being driven by TIME. Time is our most precious and finite resource, and once it’s gone, we can never get it back.

Our days in this world are numbered. In reality, our very breaths are numbered.

Most of us are finding it increasingly difficult to stay on top of our priorities and commitments, and we are increasingly suffering under the weight and pressure of our practical responsibilities and obligations.

Often, that which matters most suffers. Typically, our selves and our health are the first casualties of the pressures and stresses of life in the modern world. We often feel we don’t have the time, energy and will to take better care of ourselves.

Second, our family and loved ones suffer as we are left with increasingly limited time and energy to give to them. We are often so depleted and empty, there is almost nothing available to share with others.

Yet perhaps most significantly, in the chaos of modern life, we are losing our divine purpose and the most important dimension of our existence — our spirituality.

With the demands of modern living, our prayers and worship suffer or are neglected, and we often are not doing enough dhikr and meditation, reading of the Holy Qur’an, and learning and studying.

We tend to believe that there just aren’t enough hours in the day, that there’s simply not enough time.

Yet, here’s the catch:


Ainin, if you are operating from the position, the paradigm and the belief that there is not enough time, so it will be.

Yet if you live and act as if time is sufficient, even abundant, so it shall be.

Allah Almighty given us the power — to CHOOSE.

We have the power to choose how we live and what we believe in, and so it shall be. Based on our beliefs and our subsequent actions, life will correspondingly reflect to us our choices.

Believe there is enough time, and there will be. Believe and act as if there aren’t enough hours in the day, and so it shall be.

Ainin, do you realize the awesome power Allah Almighty has entrusted to us?

We have been given the power of CHOICE, and although all of creation shied away from this incredible responsibility, we human beings took it upon ourselves to carry this divine mandate.


We did indeed offer the Trust to the Heavens and the Earth and the Mountains, but they refused to undertake it, being afraid thereof. Yet man undertook to bear it…”

— Surah al-Ahzhab [Holy Qur’an, 33:72]


And so, we are RESPONSIBLE. We must be responsible. Upon the path of growth, development and spiritual awakening, we must realize that our lives are our creations and that personal responsibility is the key to change and empowerment.

Ainin, personal responsibility is at the heart and soul of Islam. Paradise and hell, success and failure, prosperity and poverty are all but choices. Islam, at its core, is based upon but learning and becoming empowered to choose well.

In attempting to balance our lives, we are unfortunately increasingly losing balance. This is because we are operating from a fundamentally flawed personal paradigm.

Again, what ends up suffering most as a result of this failure is the very basis of our entire lives — our spirituality.

And yet it is our spirituality that gives us the power, light and support — the barakah — to handle all other areas of life with ease and grace.

Ainin, we must regain control over ourselves, and thus over our time. We must learn to make better use of the time that we’ve been given. Towards this end, meditation is an invaluable practice to develop presence power and control over the self and of time.


A spiritual master was once asked, “How many times per day should a person meditate?” He replied, “At least once per day, unless he doesn’t have enough time, in which case he should meditate at least twice a day.”


What is meditation? It is learning to be still. It is learning how to become present and at peace. Meditation is the realization — the making real — of the state of Islam. Meditation is learning how to slow down, and ultimately stop and transcend time.

Often, people do not pursue this invaluable spiritual practice, which comes directly from the way of the Prophet ﷺ and the great teachers of Islamic spirituality, because they have not been taught and do not know what to do, or they believe they do not have enough time.

And so there has never been a more necessary time than now for human beings to learn how to slow down and become internally still. Life is more chaotic and imbalanced than ever before, and we must now more than ever before learn how to get in control and make the most of our lives while there is still time.

Ainin, gaining control over our lives begins with gaining control over our selves. To gain control over your life, you must regain control over your body and your mind.

It’s now or likely never. We are here only for one day, and only Allah Almighty knows if He will grant us another day tomorrow.

Today is all there is. Don’t waste it. Seize it. Take control. Of your self.

Sit. Be still, and discover the power within you.

Do not be driven by the world. Be inspired, which simply means to be in your spirit and with the divine power of your Almighty Lord. Thus, awaken to the Light within.

Ainin, need more time? Slow down. Even become still. And you will find that grace, light and power flow to you and into your life from the Divine Presence of Allah Almighty.

May your heart expand and your faith deepen, and may you become a light to the world.

To Your Divine and Eternal Success,

— Ihsan

Ainin, learn to breathe deeply and breathe slowly. Enjoy each breath, which is a divine gift from the Almighty. Connect with Eternity through your breath.


Bersyukur, Allah tambah nikmatNya

Ainin tak setuju kalau ada yang beranggapan dengan bersyukur, kita selesa berada dalam keadaan statik dan tidak mahu berubah, kerana kita bersyukur dengan apa yang ada.
Bukan begitu.
Dengan bersyukur, kita jadi mahu manfaatkan nikmat yang diberi.
Bersyukur dengan kesihatan, kita bekerja dengan lebih baik.
Bersyukur dengan ilmu pengetahuan, kita sama sama berkongsi ilmu,
Dan apabila kita bermanfaat kepada orang lain, memberi memberi,
Allah tambah nikmat nikmatNya lagi.
Train your brain to be grateful.
Because the brain acts like a muscle.
Belajar untuk complaint,
Conplaint muscles will be stronger and stronger.
Belajar untuk bersyukur,
Grateful muscles will be stronger and stronger.
Married life · Personal Life



It’s undescriable own private happiness to see your union day, after hundreds and hundreds of days, you’ve been thinking, praying and counting to this mighty day. Allah’s sparks of love and care, for this two sweet person. I’m grateful to be part of your life, during your previous counted days, during your single day, during your engagement day, during your wedding day.

Allah knows how much you are important to me.
Much love for Dr Madhiah Mohd Ghazali Dr Zaki Solihin 🎉
May you two are under His care and love.