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Assalamualaikum lovelies:)❤️

This week , the husband got his  oustation at Shah Alam dan kebetulan pula supervisor had gave me  her kind permission for focusing my thesis writing due to the unarrived (yet) the lab kits. withoout the kits, i cannot further my next step of labworks.

so, here I am! In a deluxe Executive Room at Concorde Shah Alam:) It was 1 am in the morning and he just arrived from Terengganu at Sungai Buloh. Then, immediately we went for the hotel check in. Thank you Petronas for the room!

and my bag? was fulled with health capsules 😀 of course i wont leave them crying at home.

  • My Instant Food and Healthy Drink, Mealshakes
  • My Detox Capsule Alfalfa
  • My Instant Solid Calcium Osteomatrix
  • My Instant Fruits of Vitamin C
  • My stress remedy B complex
  • andddddd my antioxidant, flutheraphy  and eye theraphy of Carotomax



rise and shine babes!:)

✔️Desk clutter ✔️Vitamin C ✔️Bcomplex, so lets writing ! 😁



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