“News for you:

You don’t have to live your life the way everyone else does.

Your career, your relationships, your home, your success…
these are just some of the things that make up YOUR life.
What they look like and how you experience them are all for YOU to decide.

No one should feel like a stranger in their own life.

Don’t be a copy. Be an original. Live the life YOU love.

This is one of THE most important things you can ever do. So break the mould; don’t be afraid to breakaway from the crowd and walk your own path.
Be YOU – no one else”


life will never be the same.
take it or leave it:)



today is the last day for p&p
tomorrow the pupils will be sitting for their exam, well, for my subjects & classes.
alhamdullilah:)—for me. 
dah abes taklifan mengajar.

i love to count the blessing here.
dekat sini, i just can feel that rezeki tu mmg daripada Allah.
tempat dekat–saves transportation’s budget.
free breakfast & lunch– saves food monthly budget ( which i cant hardly imagine, ada tempat kerja yang bagi makanan free 😀 )

the pupils’ joy & the pupils’ inspiration & art.
their laugh & smiles.
so far, dapat sunflower, dapat free meal, dapat keychain, dapat penanda buku,
dapat rubber bracelet (which she made it herself)
& this morning–the above picture!
a bulk of four.
terharuuuu–mungkin sebab cake tu warna merah atau saya mmg nak makan kek tu dah lama atau sebab dia bagi saya kek mahal & saya memang takkan beli pun kek tu kalau dekat luar–because of its price.
& of course–sebab it’s gift from the pupils :’)

indeed, there are the scary & horrified part 😛
but i love to put my eyes on the beautiful things.
i will miss all of you kids.
with the time left, i’ll just keep my eyes, on
the brighter sight,they’ll be captured & be saved forever :’)



it’s time to get serious.
at work, in research.
oh btw please please, check on your alquran.
it’s so sedihh–tengok anak muda sekarang sangat jauh dengan alquran.
who you expect that can save you soon?

yaaa, i miss you too.
i just getting along so well with the outside world, so much.
lessons to this far?
-to savour simple things.
– to concern on particular small things,
because those small things brings to big things, big impact soon.

talk soon.
btw, fiqah dear, less than one month for your dearly spm.
appreciate all your golden moments, i know u can do it ^^