alas, of finishing our degree’s studies alhamdullilah:’)

I know my old me was passionate enuff to come for this stage.
especially my foundation-me, of how I know how’s she felt.

non academically,
of how these final days were always be repeated to be in the core thought,
of how would it be, of what would happened?
29thnovember2008 was actually done, 
officially being validated, officially being fulfilled,
with Allah’s earlier planning:’) Allahurabbii

unofficially graduated, with one striped jubah convo to be,
4 to 5 years of bachelors years plus foundation
(though the academic years were planned to be added),
were really really nailed the leap of faith, with somehow with the abundant of things here,
(which I could somehow read my blog again :D)

most of the memories belongs to the sahabats.
i couldnt find words, they just couldnt be summarized, do they?
the utmost thanks are always His.
for all this while, dear Allah, thanks for my survival.

sebagaimana Allah permudahkan urusanmu for all this while,
He will, untuk yang selepas ini.

untuk segala sesuatu, tujulah Tuhan.
we have our short moments here,
make the short moments are the moments of obedience.

& utk segala harapan,
pakulah di langit Tuhan.
sbb for all this while, we’re in His path of His grand plan.