If you want to succeed in your life, remember this phrase. The past does not equal the future. Because you failed yesterday; or all day today, or a moment ago, or for the last six months; the last 16 years, or the last fifty years of life doesn’t mean anything, all that matters is what are you going to do, right now.
|Anthony Robbins|

ainin, study!:)



stephen covey, book of 1st things 1st, page 185

for the most part, ppl are caught up in a rescue fantasy.
the problem is “out there” 
& somebody out there is going to come along & solve it.

kita selalu tertipu, in a fantasy, like someone out there ataupun sape2 la, kan datang selamatkan,do something 4 us  sooner or later.
& bila there’s no one, or it doesnt happened like what we’d expected, we become frustated.
sebab tu, all things rooted from self.
sebab tu, Allah  & islam stress on fardu muslim,
sebab tu, Allah & islam stress on dependent only towards Allah
once we utter “hasbiyallah ha wanikmal wakil”
& hanya kepada Dia, kita bergantung harap, we enjoy the inner peace:)

sebab tu jugak, the famous quote of ustaz hasrizal, “erti hidup bila memberi”.
it’s the food of the soul when we make others happy.

others view:
read in majalah jom:
 kadang2 even mat rempit pun dream for a better wife,
bajet mat rempit boleh buat macam transformer la kan, hari ni mat rempit esok terus boleh jadi imam masjid?360 degree punya transformation,
sebab his opinion, his wife will rescue him in shaping him to become ‘imam masjid’ the next minute kan,
dalam case ni, mmg dia harap 100% la others change him, tak sket pun dr dia.

nasihat untuk diri sebenarnya:
dont get caught up in a rescue fantasy,
even kadang2 benda tu tak 100% salah,( ade ape kejadian transformer tue?) 😛
tapi ape2 pun everything rooted from ourself,diri sendiri.
change paradigm, u’ll see world changing.
yelah, sebab kadang2 pun saya pun lost in the rescue fantasy jugak 😛
every people do, i think.
Allah lah yang paling berhak untuk diletakkan sepenuh pengharapan^^

alhamdullilah 1st test done. for the prayers, thank you:)
best larh buku stephen covey, banyak boleh relate ng islam.
“connect with inner self” + ” the wisdom of the heart over the wisdom of the mind”
bukan ke mmg dalam islam dia tekankan hati kan kan?
& Allah selalu pesan suruh jaga hati sebab hati hakim kita di dunia,
ask your hati kecil:)
islam is wonderful^^

kalau tak faham, post ni main idea dia:
it’s from us, first, actually.
& depends only to our dear Lord:)



Rabbi zidni ilman.
Ya Allah tambahkanlah ilmu untukku,

jadikanlah aku orang2 yang berilmu,& kurniakanlah aku imu2 yang bermanfaat.

muliakan ilmu, ilmu muliakan kita, senang nak absorb.
“u’re students, u’re accountable for the knowledge, u’re accountable to study”

 esok 1st test sem ni. blood bank.& saya nak score.
ya Allah, bless your ilmu ya Allah
izinkanlah hambamu ini menjadi anak solehah yang menggembirakan hati ibubapanya,
saham akhirat untuk ibubapanya,
seorang professional that make the deen as her guide,
seorang professional yang contribute to the ummah.



my hidden passion-drawing & doodling!
not to say writing-it’s obviously seen! ^^

bahawasanya saya,
student fakulti sains kesihatan.
& juga penegak seni islam & islam’s art & design! ❤

live life by design:) 



friday.kahfi, done or not?

i’m listening to prof tariq ramadhan now, youtube channel.havent any class today but gotta go to campus too, later.
i’m very happy of finding alternatives instead of english largha song to indulge myself in that language.treasuring knowledge, that’s 1 thing:)
i’ll keep myself updated with drzakirnaik & proftariq ramadhan insyaallah:)

“in the footstep of prophet, how muslims contribute to the world” video:
u’re here to come back to Allah
u’re accountable for each everything what u’re doing.u’ll be asked for that.
for what Allah has bless you, what u’d done?
this life is important-world,u’ve to care 4 it. prepare 4 the next.

u dont want to contribute? ( family, friend,ummah)
u’ll asked 4 that.