museum of asean arts.

midsem exam is OVER!!

just guess where was it?
museum of asean arts.
we’ve been here for almostt a year,but,baru taw je…UM ade muzium…haha!!
asean lak tue.
artifacts from selat melaka.
replika batu bersurat from perak?[rasanya];p
4 me,yg plg ‘wow!’
a sword wif ‘LAILAHAILLAHHAH’ on it.
which was once used in a jihad war.
nway,this is our ‘brotherhood’ program atc.=)
i love my ‘uMMah’
they’re my siblings here=)
but the boys’ pictures,weren’t here.
we dun t8 it anyway,heE.
just lyke prefects when i was at scul.
uh!dun wanna talk bout scul anymore;p
yah,thanks 4 da songs.=)


i just returned from the camp.
which left us deeply stabbed.
stabbed wif our responsibilities.
not to mention that,
we’d a very great moment.
got in sungai congkak.
the crystal,clear+FREEZING water!
landim2 lazily since we went into shallow part=)
feelim so desperate to send our pictures to my brothers at home for their jealousy to keep flooding.
they rily miss this sort of things kan.
‘fear factor part’
we’d to eat bawang putih yg fresh2 tue.
psst=i hide it,okke ;p
cake ‘coffee’ which i can’t finish it.,luckily,xmuntahkan balik.
ntah recipe ape~
masuk sungai 4 pagi~+muhasabah diri.
kalau ade org yg kna seksa kat kubur hya krana sbb pengcungkil gigi,
sbb dye xmintaq@ x amanah jga kayu2 yg dye jadikan pgcgkil gigi tue,
yg byk gle dosa ni?

this 3 days 2 nites camp.
we’ll remember it.
suprisingly,i learn to love PASUM bit by bit.
thanks to my family+cmud.
n ALL because of ALLAH.

it’s enormously,nice trip.
but time won’t allow me to mention it here.
but it’s such a sweet reminiscence.
i like UIA at nite~=)
n cmud’s room too=)
thanks 4 all.
feel guilty coz kcau dorang midsem;(
sowie taw.

hope we could remember+manfaatkan sume2 what we get here.
Ya Allah,KAU berkatikanlah,ya Allah.
eratkan ukhuwwah antara kami.

ainin,stay focuz.
mid sem approachim near.,