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My week 4 to 10 June 2018

  • We have our first outside iftar at PizzaHut Mesra Mall, thank you Husband. I enjoyed the new menu of Pizza Madu Padu very much.

  • Before the azan, we strolled into the Apple Store at Mesra Mall which I kinda forget its name. I tested for the ipad pro apple pencil. Husband somehow blurted out, “ this suits you more right?” and then he added, , “ trade better and trade well” and (have it)! Ohmy he’s giving me his greenlight! Thankyou husband!
  • I researched more about the potrait illustration  and found out there are so many types of it: the watercolor potrait illustrations, the digital vectorised potrait illustrations and the doodle one. I plan to build much stronger portfolio in my (byaininsofia) instagram about this one. And practice much better, of course. Along the journey, I found several instagrams for my references. To do: the instagram highlights

RANDOM design for this sweet couple #fattzura. @fattahaminz @missfazura Praying for u guys happily ever after ❤️ . . Guys, This is example of #facelesspotraitillustration. You can have your own by frame or canvas now 😍 Size start from 7” to A4 for frame. You can ask me at the link provided at bio❤️ . . . #hadiahkahwinmurah #watercolor #watercolormalaysia #calligraphymalaysia #brushletteringmalaysia #brushlettering #custompotraitillustrations #malaysiaok #kitaok #floralwatercolor #floralwatercolormalaysia #typographymalaysia #watercolorpaintingmalaysia #artmalaysia #customframe #customframemalaysia #customwatercolor #muslimgift #islamicposter #homedecormalaysia #kerjakahwin #doodleservicemalaysia #sayabuatdoodle

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  • My mini goals: Finish the 3 latest order for the watercolor lettering and quranic lettering.
  • I finish reading the productive muslim manifesto  about the 10 Essential Qualities Every Muslim Needs to Rebuild a Productive Ummah and i just know about the morning club organized by its academy, just like the 5 am Club by Robin Sharma!
  • I am very grateful that my husband could balik raya this week or he would return on second day of Raya. Of fetching him at the airport, we saw that there were many engineers waited to be onboard. OMG, their sacrifices!
  • Congratulations Ainin for opening my Shopee shop. I should started it earlier because actually, its features are much as the same as Carousell app which i already selling at the app years before.
  • Purchasing Wacom Bamboo Fineline 3 for my upcoming project. I made this decision because I am thinking it is more worth it to spend RM150, searching for much finer stylus than the current one instead of spending RM 2000-RM3000 for an ipad pro and apple pencil FOR THIS CURRENT being. I will make it as my goals, but now I think I can utilized for what I have because I already have my ipad mini.
  • Congratulations Ainin because you’ve started to continue your zine project back. Little by little. Quality is number one. About this one, I will announce later.
  • Thank you for the reply Stickerrific! Upcoming project: stickers, illustrations on bags, zine, next year sampul raya etc! One illustrations, but you can do many things using them. Bersusah-susah untuk jaga kualiti during the illustrations project, and you will find out that you can do it many thing using it later.
Doodle Journal

Ramadhan 1940 plan

So today, i am stumbled to emila yusof’s instagram post from my friend’s instagram story.

I think i have met this name before but i do not really give my attention. So, it directs me to her blog. Her travel journal is so inspiring. It made me think about her Ramadhan post. It has been a while for me to do just like hers but i do not. Maybe next Ramadhan?

So you can do something like 30 good deeds in a row, or things related to it. It does not always have to be specific about Ramadhan. Or anything like good vibes 😊 or gratefulness. You can prepare it first and post during Ramadhan 😊

Watercolor & Lettering Malaysia

Hadiah Perkahwinan: Frame Watercolor

Thankyou for your order #bakalpengantin 😍 special frame for a special person & special ayat alquran dekat belakang. So tanak bagi crowded kita put this dekat 2-sided glass frame yang maveles ni 😊😍 . . Let’s send all the good prayers for this bakal pengantin! May Allah bless her marriage aamiiin! . . Rumahnya dekat #langkawi so memang best 😍😂 . . .. Size A4 | any enquiries please whatsapp/ telegram 0145291689 (in bio) yaa😊 . . #hadiahkahwinmurah #watercolor #watercolormalaysia #calligraphymalaysia #brushletteringmalaysia #brushlettering #custompotraitillustrations #kitaok #floralwatercolor #floralwatercolormalaysia #floralwreath #watercolorpainting #watercolorpaintingmalaysia #artmalaysia #customframe #customframemalaysia #customwatercolor #islamicgift #muslimgift #islamicposter #homedecormalaysia #kerjakahwin ##codkerteh #surprisebirthdaymalaysia #surprisekerteh #surprisedeliverykerteh #surprisebirthdaykerteh #surpriseanniversarykerteh

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Watercolor Frame Art untuk hadiah perkahwinan atau hiasan pada hari perkahwinan anda.

Awak masih tercari- cari idea nak bagi hadiah apa bila kawan atau ahli keluarga awak kahwin atau menerima ahli keluarga baru? Apa kata hadiahkan sesuatu yang tak mampu mereka tolak? A handmade gift!

Thankyou for your order #bakalpengantin 😍

special frame for a special person & special ayat alquran dekat belakang. So tanak bagi crowded kita put this dekat 2-sided glass frame yang maveles ni 😊😍 .

Let’s send all the good prayers for this bakal pengantin! May Allah bless her marriage aamiiin!.




Ini siza A4 | available in many 4R, 8 x 10′ dengan A4. Apa apa pertanyaan please whatsapp atau telegram Ainin yaa

0145291689 | instagram: byaininsofia

custom potrait illustrations

Hadiah Kahwin: Customized Potrait illustration

Today i made my first custom potrait illustration using paper53 via my iphone 6s plus for my junior wedding gift.

It is simple but exclusive, customized, handmade and personalized:)

Kalau korang berminat nak buat macam ni jugak, tak kira la untuk diri sendiri ke, untuk kawan kawan ke, hadiah kahwin, hadiah anniversary, hadiah birthday, boleh usha instagram ainin (byaininsofia) ataupun whatsapp atau telegram ainin okay!

Long term, inshaaAllah Ainin nak belajar buat

  • Watercolor potrait illustration

Frame disediakan, dan available dalam beberapa saiz contohnyab: 5R, 8 x10 inci dan A4. Ini kalau frame biasa.

Kalau canvas pun ada tau! Boleh contact ainin direct okay melalui instagram ❤️

Atau boleh ke shopee shop ainin

Atauuu boleh ke carousell ainin untuk request your own theme and quotes!

Ainin Doodle diary

Ramadhan 10 Fooddiary Sketchnote

My fooddiary sketchnote of Ramadhan 10. Alhamdullilah safely arrived at Kerteh.

I am still choosing whether to get comfortable with the pencil sketch or the ipad sketch. Because the pencil sketch in my book can muat more of my sketch.

My doa so that i can have my ipad pro and apple pencil so that i can sketch with apple pencil with more spaces 😁 but let’s get pro first 🙂